Daniel James Quartararo08 Ambassadors of Peace (Official) - Hearts of Abundance - Daniel James Qua

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SONG DESCRIPTION Two-and-a-half years into my walk with God I have seen physically impossible miracles, doctor verified miracles, people set free from meth and other hard drug addictions in a moment by surrendering to Jesus and through prayer for deliverance, terminal cancer healed miraculously, metal body replacements dissolve and be replaced with flesh and bone in seconds through prayer, and a whole slew of people come to the Lord through what the Lord has labored through and with me. I am not a super Christian. I am not apart of some unique Christian elite. I am in fact a person that did nothing more than open the Bible, read it cover to cover, and believe every word of it. I was seeing the sick recover in moments as I laid hands on them while only weeks into my walk with the Lord...

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