Daniel James Quartararo07 The Mighty Strength of Joy (Official) - Hearts of Abundance - Daniel Jam

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SONG DESCRIPTION My entire life I cried out to God that I wanted to know the truth of the universe without any doubt. Today, I can assuredly say that I do know just that, and without any doubt, indeed. A multi-year journey led me through every major world religion on the planet searching for God. From Buddhism to Hinduism to Islam to the Law of Attraction to the New Age to Universalism I went, one-by-one, searching for God. Christianity was the last major world religion on my list because I hated Christians and I surely did not want to be one. I thought Jesus was a sham and Christians were idiots, and worse: hypocrites. This multi-year journey led me to my deathbed, a place where I finally called out to Jesus Christ. For two-and-a-half weeks I pleaded with the Holy Trinity for change...

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