Crate Diggers EP 6 - Andy LaBar // Well, I've Been Spending All My Money On Weed n' Pills

Welcome to episode 6 of Crate Diggers, a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists & other cool people. Andy LaBar was our first Cool People guest. A long time friend of the Space Gods (Verbz & Steez, creators of the Crate Diggers Podcast) Andy LaBar is an occasional music blogger and was influential in the music taste of Verbz in particular. Good conversation with eclectic selections from hip hop to modern folk / country. Please check out for more details, subscribe on iTunes, & follow us on Twitter & Instagram @Crate_Diggers.
  • Producer: Crate Diggers
  • Album: Crate Diggers Podcast
  • Added on: Jun 6th, 2015