Crate Diggers EP 30 - The Worst Idea of All Time // You Absolute Piece of Shit

Welcome to episode 30 of Crate Diggers, a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Episode 30 of Crate Diggers features New Zealand comedians and hosts of The Worst Idea of All Time, Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery. Their eclectic selections are the soundtrack for the episode while Tim, Guy, and Crate Diggers host Verbz, talk music, comedy, and terrible movies. Follow Crate Diggers on Twitter & Instagram - @Crate_Diggers and check out for more episodes and info on everyone involved. Subscribe, rate, and review Crate Diggers on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.
  • Producer: Crate Diggers
  • Album: Crate Diggers Podcast
  • Added on: Nov 14th, 2016