Cory Rhymal Deadly Fashion

0:002:15 intro starts with words from Swami Krishnananda in regards to how we perceive money and the "happiness" it brings. That leads in the first verse where Rhymal shares raw thoughts on his environment around him (from being on the road, rolling foreign backwoods, to police brutality, concepts of money, church, and more).The second verse ends with Rhymal saying:"SystematicAutomaticsLouis Casket?Matching Jackets?This is illnessThis is madness!Deadly Fashion."The Louis Casket featured in the artwork, is actually a casket that was in the display window at a funeral home across the street from where Cory lives (West Side Chicago). "It was on display forever it seems like, and then it wasn't. The thought of someone buried o
  • Added on: January 26, 2020