Besomorph, Coopex, RIELL Redemption

  • Feat. RIELL
  • Producer: Besomorph, Coopex
  • Album: Elevate
  • Added on: May 24th, 2019 by Coopex
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Lyrics [Verse]
You say I make you nervous, a tragedy; I’m a beautiful disaster, a reckoning
You wonder how I got this way (You wonder how I got this way)
You think I’m someone to be saved, someone to clean up and tame
Oh somethings never change, never change oh

You think I would look pretty on your arm once you cover up my bruises and battle scars
But it always ends the same (But it always ends the same)
Can’t bear the things I’ve had to face. Got you crying on your knees in pain
Oh somethings never change, never change oh

You’ll break your back to make me feel again
Suffocate to make me breathe again
Lose your mind from endless praying
Somethings neve


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