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Kid Winter previously released an EP last year titled, ‘Dreams, Pain, & Artwork .5’ which he recorded shortly after graduating High School. Now he is back with the release of a new EP titled, ‘Sour Patch Kid’, inspired by his favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids.

The title also is a metaphor to describe peoples first thoughts of Kid Winter. Some people initially describe him as distant but once they get to know him, his vibrant personality is infectious.

‘Sour Patch Kid’ sheds light on good and bad experiences Kid Winter has faced and his thoughts following being misjudged and misunderstood. ‘Sour Patch Kid’ features 8 tracks and is available to stream via Soundcloud with production from BlessEmBless, DBoy, Waremartin, J Stone & Panama Staxx.

Having experienced both sides of Chicago, Kid Winter wishes to bridge the gap and get people to understand that violence is everywhere but so are good people. “Its cool to be yourself, do what you think is right and have fun doing it”.


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