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Pitty Bates Born & Raised In New Haven C.T. Is An Outstanding Performing Artist Known For Making Universal Hip Hop Music From The Depths Of His Soul. Blessing A Variety Of Stages Through Out His Life, Pitty Bates Would Like To Take You On A Hip Hop Journey In What He Calls Music For Listeners Across The Real World. When Listening To Pitty Bates Music You Can Expect To Move Your Body, Bop Your Head, & Relate To His Music That Comes From His Heart, & Is Made To Make You Feel Good, And OverWhelmed Especially When He's Rocking the Stage. So To All Real Hip Hop Fans Look For Your Man Piity Bates To Explode On The Scene With Heavy Hitting Lyrics, And Beats. Pitty Bates Is An All Around Universal Hip Hop Performing Artist Ready To Spread His Music Across What He Calls The REAL WORLD!!!


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