Cash Sinatra Promised Land

  • Feat. Staci B
Life after the BS, life after you figure out your true purpose in this game we call life. "Life After SIN"atra is gone, I want to ensure my imprint is made. For my music, legacy & name to carry on when I am gone is a huge purpose for me. With that... I give you "Life After Sin", a life manual of vibes. ENJOY!

10 Tracks on full project available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc.

Mixed by | Rich the Engineer (Gold Ink Studios)& King Sage (Studios)
Mastered by | Matte Names

Photo by | JeffStashBox
Graphics by | JessMadeIt
  • Producer: Call Me 93
  • Album: Life After $in
  • Added on: Feb 13th, 2018