calluswhenyoufree Middle Ground (with Aaron V.)

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Description: Session 39: Middle Ground (with Aaron V.)

TL; DL: Gotta Love Teaching Generational Frustrations Millennials In The Middle Bridging The Gap It's Aaron, BTW Post-College Possibilities "The North" Behind The Scenes Co-Signs x Capital That Vince Carter Dunk, Tho ?! > Jump by Margaret A. (@therealmargaretatwood)

>> "If any generation saves us, it's going to be the next one." - Aaron V. (@aaronveera)

>> “Strength in numbers are the things that are going to allow society to move forward." - Eric W. (@ayofresco)

>> "It's like he's monopolized the cultural capital out there." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly)

> Natalie Prass - “Short Court Style”
> Drake - “Under Ground Kings”


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