Big Baby Scumbag F*CK CORONA VIRUS 2020

Fuck corona virus I’ll punch him in his jaw Fuck corona virus man
That pussy nigga soft Drinking on bud light nigga I don’t drink white claw. Run up with a mask, I’ll spray you with lysol.
Fuck corona virus Cos that pussy nigga hating, Fuck corona virus cos I Heard that nigga rasict Bitches on my dick I’m the doctor she the patient I don’t wanna dap yo hand I don’t wanna shake it Big baby stay so clean that ain’t nothin new
Wash yo dirty hands every time to leave the bathroom Bitch I’m eating healthy I got karots in my tooth
Drinking on some vitamin c Cos I got the juice #coronavirus
  • Producer: PoloBoyShawty
  • Added on: Mar 15th, 2020