B Leve Times Like This (Prod. by Johnny Crooks)

  • Album: Double Life
  • Added on: Feb 22nd, 2014 by B Leve
The reason I called it Double Life was relatively easy. See, I have a passion for this music that I make, I have dreams like everyone else. I want to make a difference in someone life, I want to make a difference with my music. If something I can create can motivate you in pursuing your own dreams, bring joy, or help you cope with something in your own life, then I have done my job. I play both parts, I have both a dark and light side which the cover of this project illustrates. The meaning of the title is simple, you can't always act the same around everyone, how you might act around your parents, teachers, co-workers, ect. is much different compared to when you are with your friends. There are always 2 sides to the coin, its just important to decide which side faces up. I hope you enjoy


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