Armani White Stick Up

If I catch them on my strip out slipping
I'ma make sure they feel it more then just a little bit

[Verse 1]
Nigga, if I ain't in ya top 5 then what the fuck is your argument
I’m parked in a garage with a Geffen rep A&R
In a charger the window locked and he coughing given two options to
Either gain a new artist or losing out on ya oxygen
Arm barring a barber, poppin up to give ya pop a shove
And knock ya momma out and then finger her with the boxing glove


[Verse 2]
They got me flagged, I even fucked around and got illuminati mad
My chipping tooth keep slipping through the sloppy mask
The spot they spot me as
The ring leader, king me, them niggas get the Rodney ass
Whooping, shotty blast and then rotisserie the body bag
Double piece shorties, I checker and paint the victim &
  • Producer: Armani White
  • Album: Indian Giver
  • Added on: Dec 6th, 2017

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