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  • Album: OBLIVION
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Oblivion is the album that takes what you know about Aqua and then throws that out the window. The album does maintain the vulnerability of a standard Aqua record, it also fleshes out the production of one. This new sound is much more aggressive, brash, and in your face. The OBLIVION album cycle started with the lead single WHEN IT ALL BURNS DOWN, and from there the album was formed. This album while being cohesive still manages to be diverse. The album features artists such as Aqua’s long time collaborator, and executive producer Midknight Rose, Narmia King and a few other noteable acts. Aqua subverts expectations with songs like “MASQUERADE” a song that goes from a classic pop sound, to a Heavy Metal sounds in such an impressive way. This album is very diverse, and it's very memorable.

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