Saminda Ranasinghe Magandiya Sutta

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About the Mentor

Saminda Chandranath Ranasinghe is a person who has identified the noble duty and responsibility of a time where there are a lot of influences to dilute the pristine purity of Dhamma. He has identified his duty to propagate Dhamma around the World in its pure form as the Gothama the Samma Sambuddha the Fully Enlightened One wanted it to be 2552 years ago.

Saminda Ranasinghe is a great scholar in Dhamma. He has seen the necessity and taken an enormous responsibility to disseminate the Dhamma in Sri Lanka and around the World out of compassion for the benefit of others. This web site is just a single step of the huge journey ahead.

The wheel of Dhamma is rotating!

Mobile: +94 777772556
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