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Solomon's Wish (aka The S'Wish) Anti-Haters Can Hate The Best (Demo)


Some scrutinize every word we say It's like walking on eggshells every day Yeah, band together for what's right but don't bring hate into the fight. Seems everyone's sharing hate these days maybe it's the media pushing it that way You may think it's right but you're doing it wrong I thought in a war against hate... Love is like a bomb... Anti-Haters, hate the best Some Anti-Haters can hate the best repeat I wouldn't own a slave, I'd rather be shot except on Friday night's if you like to play it hot Everyone wants to fight for the Left or the Right Force-fed agendas taste like shit Forget your Pride forget the sweet ride it all goes trivial if a meteor hits. We interrupt this Dank song to advise a warning issued from the PC police. The following list of words may be found offensive by...

  • Producer: KLB
  • Album: Demo Work
  • Release Date: