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Solid K Note To Self


Solid K

Note To Self is a message to myself in light of how far I've reached in my music career and as a man. It is also a pep talk to myself and my listeners - that we are awesome and great at whatever we do, and we only get better as we continue to do what we do. It is a message to myself to go full send with my art, because my art is awesome, and I come with a uniqueness that defines me and makes me the great artist I am. I wrote Note To Self myself and started the production at my studio, completing the song. However, I thought it would be great to have Ice Geezy add his unique touch as a producer, hence, I sent him the project and asked him to just alter the production any way he would like. And here we are, Note To Self.

  • Producer: Ice Geezy & Solid K
  • Album: Note To Self
  • Release Date: