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SO4P i want u around (SO4Pmix)



This song is really letter to my phenomenal girlfriend. She’s heard it before, but has no idea I’m putting it out right now.. And I’m not gonna tell her either, I’ma just let it rock until she happens upon it today LOL. Big love to one of my dearest friends Claudia Mullaney for creating this spectacular cover art on the SHORTEST notice, big love to Snoh Aalegra ,Cam O'bi, and Rob Holladay for such an inspiring chune. Big love to everyone that’s heard and critiqued the song in all its iterations! I wrote this around Autumn of last year, and had been dying for the right moment to release it while knowing that any rapper with a decent ear would IMMEDIATELY want to write to the beat and beat me to it….Luckily, my shorty “showed me how to pause things” and I’m better for it. Happy VDay <3

  • Producer: Cam O'bi Rob Holladay
  • Release Date: