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SLOT-A Living 4 The City



With just short of a week before, The Transition, is released for mass consumption (February 5th @ Midnight). Slot-A hits you with one last leak, Living For The City featuring Neak & Sincerely Yours. The record hits a little too close home with the recent chicago murder stats of 44 people in just January of 2013 alone. Instead of speaking on the murders and trying to give you a "Self Destruction" or "All In The Same Gang" type of record; we speak to the ills of living in the city as eye witnesses, fathers, brothers and most importantly as men. Some grown men (rappers) would use this time to be opportunists trying to exploit the moment - this time we just decided to speak our truths.

  • Producer: Prod by Slot-A
  • Album: The Transition
  • Release Date: