Skyzoo Ticker Tape Parade

  • Album: Band Practice


For the fourth and final piece of the critically acclaimed weekly freestyle series "Band Practice", we present part 4: 'Ticker Tape Parade', by Skyzoo. The track is another freestyle over Jazz production, in honor of the tonight's live concert "The Writings of Skyzoo", orchestrated by a full 7 piece Jazz band. Tonight, Skyzoo will present his LIVE Jazz concert experience 'The Writings of Skyzoo' at Harlem's new hotspot MIST Harlem. Sky continues to release an exclusive freestyle over a Jazz composition every Tuesday as a part of his 'Band Practice' series, with this forth and final installment being "Ticker Tape Parade". Buy tickets at Presented by MIST Harlem, The High End Agency, Middle Ground Arts, The Couch Sessions and Steel Magnolia Group.
  • Producer: Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  • Album: Band Practice
  • Release Date: February 19, 2013