Skunkz Where Is Skunkz?


"Where Is Skunkz?" the follow up to 2017's acclaimed "Bail Or Mail" finds the Dorchester lyricist at his most comfortable, floating over production from the likes of Thelonious Martin, SBJECT #3 and labelmate Crank, The Producer. Finding ground between earnest poetry and street narratives strikes the image of Skunkz as the street figure often overlooked in Rap; the individual not wholly a predator nor fully prey, just someone surviving by the pen that's been forced to rely on his sword and wits a time too many. Though a brief ride at 4 tracks, "Where Is Skunkz?" should paint a good picture from the mind of one of Boston's finest up and comers.
  • Producer: Crank, Thelonious Martin, SBJECT #3
  • Runtime: 12 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: March 21, 2019

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