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24Skateo! Heart Break 24'


On this project, 24 embarks on a path to find him self through his music and lyrics. After 2 early successful projects in 2020 he comes back with another one almost in Rockstar form. Titled "Heart Break 24" this project claims to be Skate's most anticipated project up-to-date. He dictates that his version of Heart Break doesn't necessarily involve love... it involves everything around him that he has no control over. In the intro song "Stone Cold" he tells how his heart isn't as cold as it should be. With hit songs "Really Hoping" and "Don't Break My Heart" tagging along to make this project well rounded. "Hold My Breath" keeps the hard melody that Skate brings to the table going.. while the project is predominantly in a new genre "R&B Rap" 24 fits the mold like no other. 2020 = 24Skateo!

  • Runtime: 68 minutes, 21 songs
  • Release Date: