DK Before I Forget EP


A piece of the journey to self love. A college dropout moving back to his hometown, a college town known by most as Athens, GA. But I like to call it the village of the Broken Tree. A collective of broken perspectives being rebuilt. Here you see it all. Luxury, poverty, vices, lust, love, the time of your life, and an absolute rock bottom. But under the leadership of the Shmokage of this village, DK, we only seek the juice. And on this journey you will find that the juice is self love. Now this journey will not always be sweet. I would hate to promise you that. But this is the space for you to reflect, and hopefully create appreciation for the present moment and needed changes of what you can control for a better future. Will you take this walk with me? @ShmokageDK on all socials.

  • Runtime: 47 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: March 19, 2020

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