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Scott Everything(Acoustic)


Scott Zambia

After the excitement from a new flame there’s that one moment when things slow down and the faint whisper of wanting to be with somebody becomes a loud calling to be close to that special somebody. You are past just feelings and it gets deeper and deeper. If you feel the urge to be close to that one person, you have to go beyond just the fun stuff and hold things with them that you wouldn’t with anybody else. Beyond romance, beyond hearts beating fast, the in between call to be there for them to be your friend lover confidante and much more. Scott expresses the deep emotion of needing more than just a fling for moment in this Acoustic ballad called Everything with talented producer Chawana Maseka on the keys.Scott pours his heart out to a lover that needs to know this is that moment to grow deeper in love.

  • Producer: Chawana Maseka
  • Release Date: