Sanatu Zambang Podcast Producers taking advantage of artists in Northern Ghana - Copyright Con


Producers are taking advantage of artists taking over the moral and economic rights of artist work and labor. When a work (Song/movie/art) is created. We at the copyright office first look at 3 major components, who have invested what and where. Labor: The originality and creator of the idea. The late nights and daily hustle that was put into the birthing of the idea/product Creativity and Judgement: The making/producing of the artist, that's the musician and the engineer after producing, the musician pays for the work done. So the engineer doesn't own any rights to the song again Investment: The producer then brings in the money for mass production. Now the producer becomes the copyright claimant. So at the copyright office, we ask, who is the author and who is the claimant.

  • Producer: Abdul Raafi Mohammed
  • Release Date: August 27, 2020