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Saint Alexvnder Love

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Love, performed by Neyram and produced by Saint Alexvnder, is the 5th track, and soon to be released single off of their joint collaborative album, Continuum. The track sees Neyram delivering a mixture of rap and a unique vocal style, over a groovy, but bass and percussion heavy soundtrack crafted by Saint. Contrary to what the title may suggest, Love isn't about the positive aspect of a relationship between two individuals. Instead, it tells the story of one character questioning all of the potential negatives that could result from a relationship; miscommunication, distrust, and neglect. Although the topic would suggest a darker tone to the track, the beat balances it out, by providing a much more uplifting vibe. This contrast and storytelling ability is something Saint Alexvnder really specializes in, and implements it not only on this track, but throughout the entire accompanying alb

  • Producer: Saint Alexvnder
  • Album: Continuum
  • Release Date: