sailormoonfanclub Ep. 5 - Interview with Musician & 'Star Child' Co-Creator EyeLoveBrandon


In this episode of the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, musician, producer, and 'Star Child' co-creator EyeLoveBrandon talks about fateful connections, what it’s like to go from watching anime to creating it, how it felt to have his dad as his high school teacher, and of course Sailor Moon! Listen to Brandon’s dope music on all streaming platforms: EyeLoveBrandon Follow on Twitter: @EyesOnBrandon FB, IG, and everywhere else: EyeLoveBrandon Watch the 'Star Child' teaser trailer here: Follow the Sailor Moon Fan Club Twitter: @mooniesclub Instagram: @mooniesclub Subscribe to our newsletter on Podcast edited by Tag Hatle (@redtagcomesback)

  • Release Date: April 13, 2020