sailormoonfanclub Ep. 24 - Stuntman & Actor Gui Dasilva (Black Panther, Project Power, UA:LA)


In this episode of the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, Marvel Stuntman Gui Dasilva talks about the series of events that helped him break into the stunt industry, who we actually see the first time Black Panther appears on the silver screen, and how his view on Sailor Moon has evolved over the years! Keep up with Gui on Instagram: @guixdasilva Follow Gui on Twitter: @guidasilvaback Mentioned in this episode: Watch “Objective” on YouTube: Watch the trailer for Project Power: Use code MOONIESCLUB for 20% off your order at Follow the Sailor Moon Fan Club Twitter: @mooniesclub Instagram: @moonies_club Subscribe to our newsletter on Podcast editing by Tag Hatle (@redtagcomesback)

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