sailormoonfanclub Ep. 22 - BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears Author Tamar Herman


In this episode of the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, author of "BTS: Blood, Sweat, and Tears” and Billboard K-Pop Correspondent Tamar Herman talks about what it’s like being a music journalist, which Sailor Scout each member of BTS would be, and the journey that brought her to write a book about BTS (including her favorite interaction with the group)! Follow Tamar on Twitter and Instagram: @TamarWrites Buy Tamar’s book, BTS: Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Mentioned in this episode Gary Suarez on Twitter: @noyokono The Effigies by Sarah Raughley: Tamar’s interview with Lim Kin for Billboard: Nice Jewish Fangirls on Twitter: @jewishfangirls Follow the Sailor Moon Fan Club Twitter: @mooniesclub Instagram: @moonies_club Subscribe to our newsletter on Podcast editing by Tag Hatle (@redtagcomesback)

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