sailormoonfanclub Ep. 15 - Interview with Miss Dream Founder Elly & Server Administrator Dan


In this episode of the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, the founder of Miss Dream, Elly, and her right-hand man, Dan, take us on their AMAZING journey to make Sailor Moon and Naoko Takeuchi’s other work available to an international audience over the past decade. Elly and Dan also give some tips on learning Japanese, and Elly reveals what Miss Dream would have been a fansite for if she hadn’t chosen Sailor Moon! Keep up with Miss Dream releases on Twitter: @missdreamsubs Follow Dan on Twitter: @MarioKnight Read Naoko Takeuchi’s other mangas and Sailor Moon doujinshis translated by the Miss Dream team: Follow the Sailor Moon Fan Club Twitter: @mooniesclub Instagram: @mooniesclub Subscribe to our newsletter on Podcast editing by Tag Hatle (@redtagcomesback) Referenced in this episode - Andrea Miller’s art - SERASYMPHONY - Sailor Moon Symphony - Revolutionary Girl Utena fansite

  • Release Date: June 22, 2020