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trapital Zack O'Malley Greenburg on How Music Leads Innovation, Forbes to Substack, and Hip-Hop's Next Billionaire



Former Forbes senior entertainment editor Zack O'Malley Greenburg returns to the podcast to talk about his achievements when he worked for the media company. He shares his thoughts on Jay-Z, the challenges of publishing, and why he decided to go with Substack. He also discusses his books, “We Are All Musicians Now” and “A-List Angels”, diving deep into some of the different themes and artists that he wrote about. If you’re interested in seeing things from a music and entertainment writer’s perspective, this is the episode for you!Episode Highlights[03:05] On pioneering Forbes’ hip-hop coverage [08:22] How Zack valuates the net worth of hip-hop artists[11:25] Jay-Z’s billionaire status and his future plans[17:32] About Zack’s transition to Substack[23:38] Forbes’ journalism style versus Zack’s writing style[25:25] A preview of “We Are All Musicians Now”[34:35] What “A-List Angels” is about[39:12] Zack’s prediction on who is going to be the next billionaireListen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Overcast | Amazon | Google Podcasts | Pocket Casts | RSSHost: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.coGuest: Zack O'Malley Greenburg, @zogblog, Zack O'Malley GreenburgLinks:Mighty NetworksWe Are All Musicians Now by Zack O'Malley GreenburgSubstackA-List Angels by Zack O’Malley GreenburgTrapital is home for the business of hip-hop. Gain the latest insights from hip-hop’s biggest players by reading Trapital’s free weekly memo. Advertising Inquiries:

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