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trapital Trapital Mailbag #5: Blockchain Opportunities in Music, Middle Class Musicians, Astroworld, Indie vs Major Record Labels, and more



In today’s episode, I dive into a bunch of questions that I have received from readers. I weigh in on the opportunities that are available for middle-class hip-hop artists and how the creator economy is booming. In the wake of the Astroworld tragedy, I offer suggestions so that artists can do their part and manage crowds during music festivals. I also correct some misconceptions about blockchain technology, record labels, and streaming platforms.If you have had some burning questions about the future of music, tech, and startups, this may be the episode for you!Episode Highlights[01:30] My definition of what a middle-class musician is[06:10] How artists can be trained to handle crisis situations[09:55] On smart contracts, NFTs, and Web 2.0[16:00] What the best indie record labels are doing that major record labels are not doing[24:38] How artists have been finding fans and monetizing these past few years[29:10] How artists get paid today compared to the CD eraListen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Overcast | Amazon | Google Podcasts | Pocket Casts | RSSHost: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.coLink: New Creator ManifestoTrapital is home for the business of hip-hop. Gain the latest insights from hip-hop’s biggest players by reading Trapital’s free weekly memo. Advertising Inquiries:

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