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trapital Steve Stoute on Artist Independence, UnitedMasters, Translation, and Facilitating Fan Access



Steve Stoute is the founder and CEO of the music distributor UnitedMasters and the creative agency Translation. He returns to the podcast to talk about what his companies have been building towards in the past few years. He also weighs in on the trends he is seeing with independent artists and record labels—including legacy infrastructures, cryptocurrencies, and direct fan communication.Tune in and get up-to-date on what’s happening in the music scene!Episode Highlights[03:32] The biggest shift in the creator economy[10:10] On artists owning IPs and what production companies should be doing[14:15] Technology advances benefit the rights holder[18:15] About UnitedMasters’ world-class technical team and its partnerships[25:42] How UnitedMasters and Translation push the cultural edge while giving artists the opportunity to become small businesses[31:30] The opportunities in text market

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