trapital Steve Rifkind on Loud Records, Spring Sound, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Family Business



Steve Rifkind is the founder of Loud Records, SRC Records, and his new label Spring Sound. Loud Records, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last January 2020, is one of the most influential record labels in hip-hop with artists like Wu Tang Clan, Twista, and Akon. In this episode, Steve shares what it was like when he first started out in the industry, walking us through the changes he has seen since then until now. He also talks about Loud Record’s anniversary event and his close relationship with DMX.Reminisce about the ‘90s and early 2000s, and see things from the perspective of a legend in the music industry.Episode Highlights:[ 03:28 ] What the music industry was like 40 years ago compared to now[ 07:52 ] On Akon’s popularity and the rise of Youtube[ 12:38 ] On leveraging joint ventures with artists[ 17:28 ] What Steve is capable of offering and doing as a record label executive[ 19:58 ] Why the emergence of CDs led to a downshift in the industry[ 23:35 ] On the brand and identity of Steve’s artists[ 28:15 ] The importance of music in culture[ 30:25 ] How Steve is preparing his daughter for the role of CEO[ 32:02 ] Loud Records’ 25-anniversary event[ 33:58 ] On Steve’s close relationship with DMXListen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Overcast | Amazon | Google Podcasts | Pocket Casts | RSSHost: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.coGuest: Steve Rifkind, @steverifkind, Spring Sound Trapital is home for the business of hip-hop. Gain the latest insights from hip-hop’s biggest players by reading Trapital’s free weekly memo. 

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