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trapital Master P on Reebok, Ownership, Generational Wealth, and Lessons Learned fro



The mogul and hip-hop legend Percy Miller (!!) came on to talk about why he and ex-NBA star Baron Davis want to acquire Reebok. We also talked about his new Master P Reviews channel on YouTube, supporting Black businesses, how his strategy differs from Jay Z and Kanye West, and lessons learned from studying the late Reginald Lewis, the Wall Street banker who started the first Black-owned billion dollar company. If you want to learn it straight from the No Limit Records legend himself, this is the episode for you. Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Overcast | Amazon | Google Podcasts | Pocket Casts | RSS Host: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, Guest: Master P, @masterp Link: “Why Do White Guys Have All The Fun” - Reginald Lewis “What Hip-Hop Gets Wrong About Master P and No Limit” - Trapital Hip-hop’s influence continues to grow. Learn how it im

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