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trapital DJ Semtex on Donda, Certified Lover Boy, Podcasting, and UK Hip-Hop



DJ Semtex is an author, a podcaster, a radio host, and a DJ. In part 2 of our conversation, he shares his thoughts on Donda and Certified Lover Boy, diving into how these albums reflect on Kanye West’s and Drake’s artistry. He then weighs in on music journalism, fan feedback, and the gradual comeback of live performances. He also talks about podcasting and compares it to doing radio shows, going into some of his interviews. If you’re a fan of DJ Semtex or you’re just looking to start your own music podcast, this is the episode for you!Episode Highlights:[02:35] DJ Semtex’s thoughts on Donda and Certified Lover Boy[09:15] Why Donda is a masterpiece[16:25] Music criticism in the era of social media[22:32] What music events are like now compared to pre-pandemic[28:45] Whether or not hip hop will reach a saturation point[34:05] Podcast interviews versus radio interviews[42:50] How

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