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Roshin Same Damn 'Lo Sweater



Roshin - Same Damn 'Lo Sweater feat. Sean Price Produced by FMLSS Art by Elicser The song was supposed to be the lead single for Roshin's debut album, one that never ended up dropping. Touring and promoting his group Notes to Self perpetually pushed the album to the backburner. Then in 2015, the legend himself: Sean Price, unexpectedly passed on.  December 2020 saw the release of Rosh's first solo record with "Kawhi" on GGBR Records. "Same Damn 'Lo Sweater" had now been in the ether for a decade. But Sean was amazing, as he always was, and people needed to hear the song.  So after reaching out to Sean's wife Bernadette Price for her blessing, "Same Damn 'Lo Sweater" is finally seeing the light of day.

  • Producer: FMLSS
  • Release Date:

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