RosecransAve Rosecrans Radio 018 With Cypress Moreno Featuring Desto Dubb & Fizzle



THAT'S A AWFUL LOT OF ROSECRANS RADIO WITH CYPRESS MORENO, YOU MUST BE REALLY SICK. We sat with a man who was put on this green earth to sell purple juice, Desto Dubb and his producer Fizzle. During the episode we get to know Desto, who we could never categorize as strictly a rapper since he does a bevy of other things. We also ge insight into his and Fizzle's work ethic, what he has coming up and his thoughts on LA's current rap scene. Desto also played some exclusives for us no one has heard before, and as always Cypress Moreno plays nothing but heat all show long.

  • Release Date: September 6, 2017

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