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Rockye Eson A NEW DAY


Rockye Eson

A new day, (Days of gambling) best of Rockye Eson rap song, on 2015. Ft Mr sammy g ( Latter to Rockye Eson) Ghetto life is a hill living, A new day song is one of remakable song I ever wrote on 2015. Is like something that cames to help the dream come true. When I think about the day's of gambling as a boy dreaming to survive in the mix of drug dealer. I us to think "they will not be a day of joyfulness. Life was so complicated, difficult and Rocky life. All my hope was on gambling and street business. Looking forward towards a new day, I make it as a story for every young youth to focus as dream fighter. No matter the challenge don't give up.

  • Producer: Chibyskee
  • Album: God knows
  • Release Date: