Rob Niece Nothing Is Impossible

Rob Niece

Today Rob Niece drops off "Nothing Is Impossible" for us! Download and listen for free! He also leaves us with this..... When someone tells you that you cant do something, you have two options. You can walk away and prove them right. Or you can make them look like a complete fool. Choose the latter. Choose to make them never want to tell you that you cant do anything again. Because you CAN. You WILL. You will prove them wrong 100% of the time. This Project is another stage we take along my journey to greatness, It is another example of me proving that I can do anything and showing YOU that you can do anything. I used to have a lot of doubters, they never thought I would even make it to the position that I'm in now. I had two options. I chose correctly. Nothing Is Impossible
  • Release Date: December 3, 2014