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'Marry Me' by Akumba Music's Rinyu is African jazz at it's absolute best. Highly rhythmic/harmonic music that fuses the African Cultural genre of Makossa with a Slightly faster Latin Bossa Nova Rhythm. Rinyu's beautiful and Soulful voice blends effortlessly in a highly Harmonic manner with some fancy Afro-Cuban Style guitar playing. The Whole ensemble rides on a steady Bossa Nova/Makossa-ish style rhythm. Singing in English, Broken English and Limbum (A language Spoken by the Wimbum or Nkambe people of Northwest Cameroon), Rinyu recounts the story of a young and disappointed girl who can't seem to get her long term boyfriend to marry her but she must compel him to make an honest woman out of her.

  • Album: Marry Me - Single
  • Release Date: