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Rich Off Passion Episode 006: Webinomics ft. Ross Barber-Smith


Ross Barber-Smith is the owner and founder of Electric Kiwi, a UK-based web design firm that helps artists and bands stand out in the over-crowded marketplace of today's music industry. His wealth of experience as a music-based web designer has scored him coverage on respected music media outlets, including Cyber PR Music, Hypebot, TuneCore, The Six Minute Music Business Podcast, and now Rich Off Passion.In this episode, we start off by sharing how we met years ago, started working together, and developed a friendship. We also talked about how he has built his full-time business using social media, the importance of building genuine connections and being good at your craft, and how he's been able to create an affordable yet sustainable business model that caters to his preferred clientele: recording artists and music businesses. If you had doubts on using social media to become successful without being in the limelight, then you NEED to check out this conversation. CONNECT WITH ROSS BARBER-SMITH

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