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Rich Off Passion Episode 005: The Real Beat ft. Tone Jonez


Tone Jonez is a music producer who has successfully built a lucrative business by selling beats and sample packs online. This was no overnight success. A child prodigy, Tone began playing the piano by ear at the age of 3, and became infatuated with the concept of recording. Not one to crave the spotlight or to be a part of the traditional music industry, Tone doesn't hold back on Instagram where he promotes his latest beats while sharing his journey and motivating messages. In this episode, we had an extremely transparent conversation about his childhood, working dead-end jobs to get by, investing a lot into marketing, mental health, his daughter being his motivation, and how his relocation to Atlanta with his best friend was pivotal personally and professionally. If you dream of building a career in music without being a part of the traditional music industry, then this episode is a much watch!CONNECT WITH TONE JONEZ

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