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Rich Runner Rell Freestyle


Terrell James Harris (Born Aug 28, 1981), known professionally as Rich Runner Rell, is an American rapper. Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, In the Henry Horner Projects. He embarked on his music career as a rapper In 2016. In Feb 2019, after leaving everyone alone, Rich Runner Rell went independent & Dropped His Album. Rell's debut album, Rich Recognize Rell, was released May 25, 2021 under Abs Records. The album, preceded by the lead singles "Freestyle" "Watch Yo Mouth" "Count It Up" "Riding Thru East Moline (Outro)" Song by.Rich Runner Rell - Freestyle 🔥👀 Here's the links below YouTube channel 🔥🔥 Audiomack 🎧📱 Apple MUSIC 🎶

  • Album: Rich Recognize Rell
  • Release Date: