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Ric Wilson Penny Raps

Ric Wilson

Ric Wilson is a 19 year old black self-proclaimed Artist and Prison Abolitionist from the southside of Chicago. Ric has been working on his first solo Debut Project "Penny Raps" for the last two years. "Penny Raps" tells Ric's story of going and dropping out of college due to Financial Aid reasons, and also takes a deeper look into who Ric is and how his up bringing formed him into the person he is now. In the project Ric takes alot of blows at Captalism, and all the isms that come along with it.

  • Producer: RC Wellz, Nate Fox, J.Wells, Provsounds, Tommygunz & New Message
  • Runtime: 92 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: