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Ribeiro Tunes Cool Jams In Jamestown

Ribeiro Tunes releases “Cool jams in James Town” EP. Cool Jams in Jamestown, is the debut EP by Afro pop/ Afro beat musician, Ribeiro Tunes Ribeiros’ afro beats tune, sort of breaks the narrative musically, on the fact that when people think of Jamestown, the only thought that lingers is the town with the gigantic lighthouse, like that of the new York statue of liberty, a town that’s just versed in danceable tunes and traditional songs. But the EP title “Cool Jams from Jamestown” is to prove to people that cool subtle tune can be birthed from there. The EP features Supa Gaeta, Kliff Wonder & Snipez with CheChe da Lyricist as the Executive Producer. Feast your ears on true authentic Cool Jams from Jamestown.

  • Runtime: 17 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:

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