Prince Choi I'm Sorry


Prince Choi

Prince Choi in this song retrospects into his growing-up days with his father who taught him three important English word; sorry, please and thank you. The most powerful of which is " I am sorry" "I’M SORRY" could produce cola from the purse and could make warring parties sheath swords, as he was fondly told by his father. Love hurts sometimes, but tolerance and understanding conquer the pains. In this single Prince Choi said it all clear that HE IS SORRY. He said sorry even without any offence, because he didn't want to let go his babe. He further attributed the pains felt by the babe to be distance it Despite all odds and that make lovers go their separate ways, he added; "we can always make a meaning out of every relationship. He concluded by comparing every relationship to a rolle

  • Release Date: June 13, 2020

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