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Rec g

I made this song so funny and special to my audience to motivate a d bring. More sense to them, I like how I create this so because it specializes on baby how the behave a d the life style so it so funny 😂 because to think and reason more about the song it so funny and I know that my audience will talk and reason so nice about it, when the spriation came to me so suddenly I can't wait to vomit it out because it sounds so sweet and more reasonably, so the title of the song is A1 it means that the girl I am I. To has a ni é and só attractive body, so that is why the song is titled In that form I am so happy about this so I love it so much it put smiles on my face 😔 some people will be talking that some girls is perfect but without knowing that all girls are the same so because of money .

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