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Rebel Radio Terry Heller on working for Eazy-E Straight Outta High School plus other crazy shiz


Rebel Radio

This week’s guest is Terry Heller. In this episode you will find snippets of music from The Pharcyde, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and WC. The Track of the Week is Morris by King Mez: Man, Terry Heller has seen some shit. As a teenager, he hung around with NWA. (His uncle Jerry was NWA’s infamous manager played by Paul Giammati in Straight Outta Compton.) Fresh out of high school Terry went to work for Eazy-E, finding talent like the group that would become the Black Eyed Peas and shooting videos for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. After years as a successful music video director and real estate developer, Terry opened Plan Check — an updated spin on the all-American burger joint that quickly won lots of awards and has become a favorite of LA foodies. In this episode, Terry shares some NWA stories and insight into how he’s built his ca

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