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Rebel Radio Marques Wyatt, godfather of deep house and a pioneer of LA's club scene


Rebel Radio

This week’s guest is Marques Wyatt. In this episode you will find snippets of music from Aerosmith, Loosid, FKA Twigs, Depeche Mode, and Jesse Saunders. Not only is Marques the godfather of LA’s deep house scene, his lineage traces directly to the great Frankie Knuckles, who mentored Marques after meeting him in a club in New York in the 1980s. From those auspicious beginnings, Marques went on to pioneer some of Los Angeles's most important clubs, including Brass, Does Your Mama Know, and most recently, Deep, exposing fans to groundbreaking acts such as Brand New Heavies, Louie Vega, and Jamiroquai. He’s a DJ’s DJ, a house music purist who integrates his love for yoga and his spiritual quest into his effort to move people on the dance floor. In our interview, we discuss the highs and lows of club promotion, the way house music has changed over the years, and meeting Paris Hilt

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